Have an instructional video made focusing on your business, products or services.


Today, small and large Rhode Island businesses utilize video to reach small or large audiences looking for instructions or information about every conceivable topic. You can learn to cook gourmet meals, learn to speak French, learn the best exercise routines without even leaving your home, or learn how to sell real estate... and the list goes on and on.


Let Gatsby Video Productions bring those memories to life in a way that you will want to enjoy over and over again. How can we do this? Through what we call the “montage” or what is simply referred to as a video slide show.


In a video slide show, a series of photos are assembled chronologically or around a theme: (holidays, vacations, trips, a birthday celebration, a wedding anniversary.) One photo dissolves into the next and so on, with music of your choice added to the video.

Here at Gatsby Video Productions, we specialize in creating instructional videos for Rhode Island businesses. Our backgrounds and college degrees in instruction provide us with the tools necessary to create an effective script that will meet your needs in this area.