Rhode Island Dance Recitals Video Recording,Production & Duplication

  • Use of two cameras
  • Attend your dress rehearsal
  • In-house video editing, duplication and printing

Careful planning is extremely important when taping a dance show before a live audience. For the videographer there are no re-takes. He has to “get it right the first time” Part of that careful planning involves becoming familiar with each dance number so that we know what’s happening with our camera shots. To achieve this end: we will attend, sit through, and take notes of your entire dress rehearsal. The second and most important part of our planning is to shoot with at least two cameras in order to create the variety of shots necessary to capture the beauty of the dances you have created for your stage production. Lastly, but also most importantly, is the audio of your show. While we use a number of mics to capture the dance music, we also prefer to “redub” your music on to the final edited video. Doing this will create superb audio for the video. To this end we ask our dance clients to provide us with a CD of the dance music. The dance samples on our website reflect our goals in helping you to capture and preserve the beauty of your dance achievements.